Get The Best Tourism Website

Get the fastest tour websites on the internet. Faster than, & "Smart-Booking-Technology" improves your business performance

Email Invoices To Clients

Get serious about your business. Let our Customizable Invoices work to get you paid. Email your invoices directly to your customers so you are paid promptly for your services

Collect Online Or By Phone

Get quick deposits directly into your local bank account after collecting from anyone, anywhere in the world. JamXPay "Smart-Booking Sites" ensures you get paid.

What We do for Clients

We modernise your customer experience by putting your business online. We use our Lean Six Sigma System to improve your efficiency with simple, clean, straight-forward backend processes.
This also results in an awesome user experience for both you and your customers

Digital Marketing

We have the best mix of digital marketing tools ranging from optimised search marketing to person to person niche affiliate marketing

Apps Development

We conceptualize, design, & create some of the most complex apps used in Healthcare, Transport, Tourism, Services, Appointments, and Online Commerce

Web Development

We create some of the most highly optimized and SEO friendly websites, that are "SMART", fast, clean, and lightweight. We focus on great user experiences.

Software Development

SMART websites need smart backend systems. We create backend systems using all the latest technologies to satisfy your business needs.

Payment Systems

We develop payment systems that complement the way you work. With our mobile and online payment interfaces collecting for your services is easy.

Web Security

With our expertise in the latest security protocols, we use various rest encryptions and other applications to protect your investment from hacks and intrusion

JamXPay Grows Your Business Quickly

Combining the lastest software technologies with our proprietary designs, we have created the smartest and fastest booking sites on the internet. Now these advanced booking sites are available to you.
Check out the features below...

Viral Social Media Marketing For Hotels & Large Tour Operators

Our powerful social media marketing system is a full stack technology platform that allows large businesses to leverage our proprietary tools and techniques in their marketing domination.

  • Easy Deployment By Hotels & Tour Operators
  • Go Viral Quickly With Targeted Messages, Posts & Videos To Your Customers
  • Seamlessly Get Your Staff Participating As Members Of Your Marketing Force
  • Get Promoted By Over 800 Affiliates As You Rocket To Social Media Stardom
JamXPay Social Media Marketing

Smart Booking Systems For Drivers & Tour Operators

With our SMART Technology, your website will do all the work for you. From marketing, to showcasing your services, and finally collecting for your bookings. All seamlessly integrated. Here are some of the cool optional features:

  • Automatic fare calculators based on travel distance
  • Automatic vehicle selection based on passenger numbers
  • All-Inclusive tour booking with entry fees included for each guest
  • Return bookings, waiting times, airport transfers, & cruiseport transfers

Complete Online Booking- Drivers, Hotels, & Tour Operators

Whether on your website, in your vehicle, or while conducting your tour, JamXPay provides you with comprehensive online booking solutions- websites, invoices, and payment apps.

  • Your booking website will take care of all collections on your behalf
  • Email invoices to your clients for them to pay online before arrival
  • Stay up to date with emails of your confirmed bookings sent to your inbox
  • Automatically send your clients confirmation emails with details of their bookings

Credit Card Processing

Wherever your customers are located, you can process their credit cards securely- on your website, from your invoices, or in person through our payment apps.

  • Secure, US-based, online credit card processing
  • Credit cards, Apple Pay, and Paypal processing for your guests
  • Convenient, safe, secure interface with our "no-hassle-refund" support
  • Artificial Intelligence Engine to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions
JamXPay Credit Card Processing

Timely Bank Deposits

It doesn't matter where your customers are. With JamXPay your settlemet goes directly to your approved local bank account. The fastest system available anywhere.

  • View itemized earnings and totals earned to date
  • View earnings pending approval and those already approved
  • See all paid invoices included in your deposit and review those unpaid
  • Access your Private Transaction Dashboard and run various business reports
JamXPay Quick Deposits

JamXPay Tourism Business Solutions

Here are some of the tools we have available for you. All of our tools streamline your business processes, improve your efficiency and enhance the customer experience. Choose the technology you need to grow your business.

Affordable Pricing

We are expert in Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Google Advertising, & Facebook Advertising. We have a Team of over 800 Affiliates to offer marketing support.
Join the JamXPay Network and grow your business today!!

JamXPay Account & Invoicing App


  • Collect One Time Payments
  • Personalized Invoicing System
  • Collect Recurring Subscriptions
  • Collect With Paypal & Credit Cards
  • Email Invoices To Your Customers
  • Send Customer Confirmation Emails
  • Access JamXpay Transaction Dashboard
  • Admin Panel To View Payments & Invoices

JamXPay Transfer Booking Website


  • Six Page Design
  • Free JamXpay Account Dashboard
  • JamXPay Smart Booking Engine
  • Advanced Tourism Cart System
  • Secure Online Payment Page
  • Displayed Online Cancellation Policy
  • Automated Customer Confirmation Email
  • Automated Site Owner Booking Alert Email

JamXPay Multi-Tour Booking Website


  • TWELVE Page Design
  • Free JamXPay & Invoicing Account
  • JamXPay Smart Booking Engine
  • Advanced Tourism Cart System
  • Secure Online Payment Page
  • Displayed Online Cancellation Policy
  • Automated Customer Confirmation Email
  • Automated Site Owner Booking Alert Email

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